Sensei Whitepaper


Here we discuss the airdrop for Sonic Grow and how it relates to the Sensei Token and the Sensei Froge tokens

What is the Sonic Grow?

In august 2022 we, the bomba team, released a token called Sonic Grow. It was part of the Grow hype but also was linked to an elon Tweet. We went viral and hit an ATH of 48k. We built a great community and also a long standing relationship with Luxe Racing who are building a meta verse and offered to include a game about sonic.

Why no sonic then?

Ah, well, Sega are litigious by nature and we wanted to avoid any and all possibility for a lawsuit that would cause more stress. So we needed to rebrand.

What is the airdrop?

Holders of Sonic Grow sent their tokens to the marketing wallet of the token and filled out a form. They will be getting:
A full 1:1 airdrop of the Sensei Token. This is the token with the Custom reward utility and will have the LP from Sonic (12.34 bnb starting LP [30k mc])