Custom Rewards

The main utility for Sensei is the ability for you as an investor to pick the rewards you want to earn.

We love Rewards

Reward contracts are great. They encourage investors to hold because they earn passive income based on the volume of the token. We know this and the devs of Sensei know this. Infact one of the devs has been known to pretty much only buy into Reward projects because of this passive nature.

The Flaw

There is one major flaw with all current reward tokens that are on the market and releasing soon. That issue is that you as an investor are locked into whatever it is that the developers have chosen. More often than not the reward token is of another contract, usually by means of a baby token, or the reward is based on a stable coin.

The Solution

But .... what if there was another way? What if there was a way for you to pick the reward you wanted and be able to change that as often as you want? What if there was a mechanism for a developer to easily add new rewards that you can pick?
That is what sensei is and that is what sensei does. We have completely rebuild the typical reward structure to allow for you the investor to pick a reward based on the partnerships that we find for you as well as 9 stable coins.
It's now simple to load our dapp and pick the reward you want. Either a collection of stable coins as seen in this screenshot.
or a collection of partner coins.

How do you pick your reward?

In order for you to pick your reward you will need to load our dapp and connect your wallet. When you load the Rewards page you will be shown a screen listing the stable coins that we currently support. It also has a tab allowing you to see the partner coins that we currently have a relationship. Find the coin you want to have as a reward and simple click choose. You will need to approve this change in the wallet you connected.

What is the default reward?

By default every investor will have BUSD as their reward. If you dont use the DAPP and change your reward then you will get BUSD.

How often are new partners added?

We actively seek out new partners all the time. We will be focusing on projects that perform well and have a decent longevity behind them. We will also periodically "create a baby token". That means we will sometimes add a new reward based on the current hyped project to become a baby of that project.