Sensei Whitepaper

Coin Wars

A simple extension on the custom rewards utility that will pit two coins against each other each month.


Two partner coins will be picked each month. At the end of that month, or 4 week period, the coin that has gained the most rewards will win. We will then buy that winning coin and distribute the coins that we just bought.

How will you pick?

We will shortlist the partners and then ask the community to pick what projects are to be added in the coin wars

Winner stays on?

To make coin wars more interesting we are currently considering keeping the winner for the next war and only picking a contender.

Explain again that bit about the buy

Our tokenomics has a 1% tax for coin wars. This tax is sent to a different wallet and is kept aside. At the end of the competition we will take whatever is in that wallet and buy tokens with it. Any tokens we buy will be disctributed as an airdrop to all holders that have chosen that partner as their rewards.

Wait, i am still confused

Ok, here's more of a real world example.
Coin A of coin wars is: Luxe Metaverse Coin B of the coin wars is: Uxos AI Marketing
At the end of the time period Uxos has claimed 2BNB in rewards.
During that time we collected 1BNB of taxes and we use that as a "buy back" into Uxos (which brings 100,000 tokens). Within Sensei we have 50 investors who have Uxos as their reward token. We will airdrop 5,000 tokens to each one of those holders.