Sensei Token Vision

This whitepaper explains the mechanism for the Sensei Token and why it's a great investment for a passive income generator through our innovative reward based utilities.

What is the Sensei Token?

The Sensei Token is a project on the binance smart chain with a number of utilities that are aimed at maximising passive income through rewards.

What utility is planned?

The core utility of the Sensei Token is a custom reward contract. Long has it been true that when buy into a reward token on Binance Smart Chain you, as the investor, will not be able to pick the reward you want. This reduces the number of potential investors into your project, as they might not want the reward you are offering.
As investors ourselves we saw this as a problem for a long term project. So, we decided to change that and create a contract flexible enough to allow an investor to pick the contract they would like to be rewarded with.

Are there other utilities?

We will always strive to bring utilities to the project that help maximise the passive income from simply holding a coin. Our ethos is that holding a coin should be benefitial to you and the longer you hold and the more you hold the better you passive income will be.
At time of writing there will be an additional 2 reward based utilities.

What are the tokenomics?

The core tokenomics for the Sensei Token are:

Sell Taxes

  • 2% LP
  • 4% Marketing and Development
  • 5% Rewards
  • 1% Coin Wars

Buy Taxes

  • 12% on all buys.

Why no buy tax breakdown?

The sensei contract, and in fact all contracts, do not split buy taxes. Buy taxes take a % of the bought tokens and transfers them to the contract. When someone sells our contract, if we are above the threshold for a swap, then the contract will take some of these stored tokens and sell them on the open market. The BNB generated through this sale will be distributed as rewards to our holders, the MW for funding buybacks and marketing pushes, and a treasury for investment into core functionality to the product.